Deutscher Mittagstisch


The German House is hosting a German Lunch Table on Tuesday, April 7, in Usdan between 12-1 p.m.  Just walk up the stairs and turn right and go to the QUIET SIDE. Your host this Thursday will be Miranda.

German Lunch Table

schnitzelThe German House is hosting a German Lunch Table on Tuesday, March 31, in USDAN between 12-1 p.m.  Just walk up the stairs and turn right and go to the QUIET SIDE. Your host this Tuesday will be Wy Ming.

Krishna Winston on Günther Grass

Littera borealisKrishna Winston’s essay, “Was zu Günter Grass in der englischsprachigen Welt gesagt werden muss,” appeared in October 2014 in Volume 14 of Littera borealis, Edition zur zeitgenössischen Literatur im Norden, published by the Literaturhaus Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel. The Grass volume features an interview with the writer, conducted by the director of the Günter Grass House in Lübeck, and essays by a number of Grass’s translators. It was presented to Grass on the occasion of his 87th birthday.

Lutz Hüwel and Krishna Winston celebrating Germany’s Day of Unity

photoOn October 3, 2014, professors Lutz Hüwel and Krishna Winston were guests of Germany’s Consul General in Boston, Herr Rolf Schuette, for a celebration of Germany’s Day of Unity at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Connecticut. The reception highlighted the state of Baden-Württemberg, with which Connecticut maintains an official exchange focused on education and business. Since 1998, 50 Wesleyan graduates and graduate students have spent a year in Germany under the auspices of the exchange, and numerous students from Germany have come to Wesleyan. At an October 2 dinner at the Avon-Old Farms Inn, both professors were also present when the head of the visiting delegation from Baden-Württemberg, Minister of Higher Education, Research, and the Arts Theresia Bauer, presented a distinguished-service medal to Renate Seitz, who administers the B-W Exchange for the Connecticut Office of Higher Education.

Leo Lensing: Karl Kraus at war

“Die letzten Tage der Menschheit” by Deborah Sengl, 2013 Photograph: © Deborah Sengl/Photo by Mischa Nawrata
“Die letzten Tage der Menschheit” by Deborah Sengl,
2013 Photograph: © Deborah Sengl/Photo by Mischa


Leo Lensing’s commentary on Austria’s exploitation of The Last Days of Mankind, Karl Kraus’s great anti-war drama, to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, is featured this week on the homepage of the The Times Literary Supplement.


Internships in Germany – Webinar

November 14, 12:00pm EST

Internship Opportunities with UAS7 & Cultural Vista
Internships are essential to gain relevant work and research experience. Gaining that work experience in an international setting allows students to add another language to their resume and it encourages growth beyond the working environment.
In this webinar, DAAD joins forces with UAS7 and Cultural Vistas to talk about internship opportunities in Germany. The presenters introduce their internships and speak about the application process. This webinar offers information on internships for all fields and for students with various levels of German, including no prior German knowledge. All presenters will be available for questions during and after the webinar.

Sarah Wiliarty will speak on The Fall of the Wall – A Political Perspective

Please join us for the  first lecture in the German Department’s fall series on commemorating the 25th Year of the Fall of the Berlin

This Wednesday, October 15 in FISK 210 at noon, Prof. Sarah Wiliarty will speak on “ The Fall of the Berlin Wall – A Political Perspective.”

Refreshments will be served.

“25 Years: Fall of the Berlin Wall” is co-sponsored by the German Studies Department and the German Embassy in Washington D.C. All events are free of charge and open to the public. For more information call 860-685-3359.

Ulrich Plass and Iris Bork-Goldfield present at the German Studies Association Conference

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 3.15.36 PMThe 38th German Studies Association Annual Conference took place from September 18-21, 2014 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Ulrich Plass gave a paper on “Das tödliche >>Ach<<: Hubert Fichtes Lohenstein.”

Iris Bork-Goldfield conducted a seminar on “The Future of Teaching the Holocaust in German Studies, History, and Comparative Literature in the US.”

”Pillar of Fire”. Leo Lensing on a New Biography of Ingeborg Bachmann



Leo Lensing’s review essay discussing a new biography of Ingeborg Bachmann, “Pillar of Fire.  How to assess the ‘stations’ of Ingeborg Bachmann’s self-destructive life from childhood constant reader to modernist ‘Fräuleinwunder’,” is the cover article for the latest issue of The Times Literary Supplement (July 11, No. 5806, pp. 3-5).

You can access the article via Olin Library.

Wir wollten was tun! – We Wanted to Do Something!

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.32.19 PMIris Bork-Goldfield’s documentary, We Wanted do Do Something! is now online. It is the story of her father and his friends who, in 1949-53, secretly wrote and distributed leaflets and other materials against the repressive Communist regime in the GDR. Several of his friends were imprisoned; eight of them were tried by a Soviet military tribunal in 1951, and executed a year later.

Iris Bork-Goldfield edited the film with Peter Cramer ’14. She had the support of the Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft, and Wesleyan University.

The film is also linked to the website of the Free University of Berlin.