WesGerman Podcast

This is the inaugural episode of the WesGerman podcast.

  • Musik mit Anna Tjeltveit
  • Politik mit Jenna Lacey
  • Kunst mit Yasemin Schmitt
  • Gespräch mit Hannah Landel
  • Conclusion and Credits

Many, many thanks to Pablo Puente for the original music throughout.

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Elizabeth Lauffer ’07 in Conversation with Lea Singer

On Wednesday, October 7, 2020 Elisabeth Lauffer ’07 participated in a Zoom discussion,   sponsored by East End Books Ptown, with Lea Singer, the author of Der Klavierschüler –  The Piano Student, which Elisabeth recently translated for New Vessel Press. Singer’s novel draws its inspiration from love letters written by the piano virtuoso Vladimir Horowitz to his first pupil, Nico Kaufmann. which Singer discovered in a Swiss archive. In 2014 Elisabeth received the Gutekunst Prize for young translators from the Goethe-Institut. Her senior honors thesis at Wesleyan was a translation of Wladimir Kaminer’s Die Reise nach Trulala. Descriptions of her other translations can be found at www.elisabethlauffer.com.